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  1. Description: Account checker Proxy Checker User Checker User Leecher ...
  2. dr.ManiacBit


    Features: Low RAM and CPU Usage Capture only PREMIUM Accounts Fast CPM All hits save to txt file Proxyless[Aim for 300CPM] / Proxies[No Limit] Note: Run "IPRECLoader.exe" instead of WWE.exe
  3. dr.ManiacBit


    :Features Save Premium Hits and Free Hits in Separate Files Fast CPM [With Good Proxies] Stable tool Low Ram and CPU Usage Note: Run "IPRECLoader.exe" instead of NPC.exe
  4. dr.ManiacBit


    Guess Who's Back! i'm back after almost a year, stronger than i was before 💪 new releases are coming... Features: [+] Good CPM [+] Proxy Support [PROXYLESS|HTTP|SOCKS4|SOCKS5] [+] Saving hits [+] Low CPU usage
  5. dr.ManiacBit


    Description: brand new Spotify checker. It captures all types of subscriptions and it works very fast. The checker saves the the subscriptions in separate. For example Premium for Family is saved in a file called "Premium_for_Family.txt" and Free is saved in a file called "Free.txt" and so on.
  6. dr.ManiacBit


    Description:  a tool for cracking twitch accounts Supports all proxies Captures accounts with types in different files How to use? Put proxies.txt and combo.txt in the same folder as always! Twitch requires (kinda good) proxies
  7. dr.ManiacBit


    Description: a tool for cracking Fortnite accounts Crack Tip: if you saw "Auth" window just click on Login button
  8. Description: An application designed to increase the visibility of your Telegram Channels Recent changes: fixed delete link issue add always on top option add another method core updated minor bug fixes