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  1. K0x0K


    Nice Thanks @Rextor
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    great relase Thanks @Rextor
  3. K0x0K

    what germany services , can be cracked with this ??!
  4. K0x0K

    MAIL ACCESS CHECKER PROXYLESS Descreption : >>>HOW TO USE<<< 1) Put your combos on combo.txt file 2) Start the application, the .exe file # # # # 1)First string is going to ask you with how many threads/bots you want to start checking The better performances you've got on your rdp/pc, the higher threads you can put >> Normal threads: 100 2)Second string is going to ask you from which date you want the checked emails to be count for example, in this case we've got 2019-01-01, it is going to check if there are any email from @netflix.com from 2019-01-01 to today's date and count the emails between the dates. 3) Third string is going to ask you for which email you want the checker to check on those accounts, if its @netflix.com, its going to check for emails from @netflix.com. If the checker crashes when you did the last 3 steps this means, you either haven't put any combos on combo.txt or the amount of combos is too low. DOWNLOAD : VT : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f8c77f3bf9892c0cfc65462006393ab2243acaae6502ba7aa21b062d6e0682c9/detection
  5. K0x0K


    thank you pro
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    shit her we go again .... thank you @Rextor
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    great work @Rextor
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    nice , thank you
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