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  1. MR Red

    - Surf up to 3x more faster - Mine Bitcoin in the background Download and Install
  2. MR Red

    Influencer Cash is a service that pays users to share content in Social Media. Currently Influencer Cash has jobs for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A user can also make money up to $30 by sharing links and complete the offers Wall. Just by registering in the link below the user will make $25. Complete a few tasks or shares and the user will be able to cashout to PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App or mail check. Register here
  3. MR Red

    This is the biggest and hottest hacker forum linklist posted online with 360 active hacking forums. Manually verified. Note: This program doesn't work with Internet Explorer. For better performance and compatibility use a chromium based browser like Chrome or Brave Browser - Download: Download 2: Link 5 Linklist Vault (Full Version).rar
  4. In December of 2015, the popular Minecraft Resolver site was breach and 13M usernames and IP Addresses was leaked. Download: Download 2:
  5. MR Red Brave Browser is a chromium based browser that pay you money while you browse the internet. Basically it removes ads and substitute for tokens that pay webmasters and reward users. The rewards are unlocked after 30 days of using Brave Browser. Features Browse up to 3x faster Block ads & trackers that follow you around Get paid for using the browser Download:
  6. Hacxx Movies Direct Access (2019) is a small search engine that scans public directories set up by movie pirates. How to use? To use a user just need to type the movie he/she is looking in the search engine following the movie name in the directory. Then a user can watch the movie online directly from the server or download it (with no ads). Info: The dork used by "Hacxx Movies Direct Access" is used by movie pirates to upload those movies from the directories to video hosting sites and share online. With only one hour of link research a uploader can upload more than 25k movies. Features! HQ Movies Watch Movies online without lags Download Movies with a much higher speed Inbuild "proxify/anonymity" tool Download: (Updated: 14-09-2019) Download: (Updated: 14-09-2019) Virus Scan:
  7. In 20 of July of 2019 a email combo called Sneaky (шляхтен in russian) was posted online. After flag and verification, one of my emails were available and the password were a match. Download: Download 2:
  8. MR Red

    PinapFile is Pay Per Install program, it pays users for each instalation of PinapFile software. How to use? 1) A user clicks the link and download PinapFile installer 2) A user installs PinapFile software 3) Then the real files are downloaded Example: (Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search Engine) Visit and Register Proof of Payment
  9. MR Red

    Register as miner Download miner:
  10. MR Red

    BAT is an Ethereum token that powers Brave Software's blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Internet users who browse the web using Brave's free web browser (available at can choose to replace the ads they see with ads on Brave's ad network. Users then receive BAT from advertisers as compensation for their attention. Features Browse up to 3x faster Block ads & trackers that follow you around Get paid for using the browser Install Brave Browser