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آخرین بار برد Rextor در 25 آبان

Rextor یکی از رکورد داران بیشترین تعداد پسند مطالب است !

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  1. Easily Access Locked Yahoo Accounts For Fitbit!
  2. > Very GOOD CPM > Low CPU usage > Captures and saves only working subscription > Supports HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5
  3. idk. random imgur downloader ?
  4. Easily Access Locked Yahoo Accounts For Fitbit!
  5. Rextor


    I didnt found any description for this.
  7. KDX Proxies Tool V2 Tools : 1 - Proxies Grabber from (proxyscrape) 2 - Proxies Checker (updated Proxy Judge Support all Proxies) 3 - Proxies Sorter : Sort Proxies by country and save in txt
  8. Rextor


    Instagram followers checker and ...
  9. Rextor


    How to use : 1- Followers Enter your twitch username, drag and drop your combo (or already cracked twitch accounts, you can find some good crackers / config here), drag and drop your http/s proxies and you're good ! 2-Chatbot You need to use the Converter first ( just use the combo to auth which will transform your email:pass to Auth and can be used then for the chatbot) For the messages you cant either , use the rubot one, or make your own. [!] for the combos when you drag and drop them, make sure there's no space in it it should look like this C:\xxxx\xxx\xxx.txt and not C:\xxx xx\xxx\xx xx xx.txt (it will add double quotes and it wont work)
  10. Rextor


    How to: 1. Click Login 2. Load Combolist 3. Load Proxylist 4. Open Modules Tab and check all the sites you want to check (they run all at the same time if you want to) 5. Lean back and get hits bitch. Changelog: v2 - Now supports IP:PORT:USER:PW Proxies (for HQ proxies like luminati)
  11. Nullecraft checker noob edition
  12. Rextor


    RaidOverflow is a discord raiding client, with the following features: Many different types of spammers: Raiding related features like: Banning everyone Kicking everyone Kick selected user Ban selected user Message selected user Mass creating channels Mass deleting channels put your discord token on config.json and start
  13. How to use: Put combo.txt file in the same folder! Put proxies.txt file in the same folder! Start the checker! Supports all kinds of proxies